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Swim with free dolphins and other marine animals in Mediterranean sea

Do you want sensation and adventure?

Do you dream to swim among dolphins, see turtles and whales?

This is possible in Mandelieu [06] aboard the Cala Rossa.
Give you an extraordinary day aboard the Cala Rossa and swim with dolphins The localization of mammals is done by air. Once located, get in the water and experience unforgettable moments in the middle of dolphin.

Book now your boat trip for this summer and spend an unforgettable day swimming with dolphins!

Dolphin Watching guaranteed thanks to the tracking plane.
We invite you again, if we don’t see any dolphins (very rare)

Observation of dolphins in France Diving with dolphins Diving with dolphins in the Mediterranean Sea

Our most !

Locating dolphins by aircraft
Locating aircraft: Groups of dolphins, whales, sperm whales are located by aircraft linked by radio to the boat, allowing the boat and its occupants to join ceteceans.
Our trips take place between Corsica and mainland

Area Navigation: It is situated in the south east of the PACA region, the area most protected from the wind in summer.

Cala Rossa is a luxurious launch "Cranchi " of 15.10 meters. Its development "open" ensures a comfortable navigation.

Planing of a typical day

8.15 am, Welcome on board

Departure from Mandelieu [near to Cannes] to join the area where we can meet cetaceans. during the navigation, briefing and tests of the equipment [mask and diving suit].

Seek of marins mammals. Observation and VHF contacts with local fishermen and plane.

When cetaceans are located, swimmers goes in the water, on captain orders, engine stopped. This procedure is apply after every meeting. Of course, these animals are wild and their observation depends on several factors [food, presence of new born, ...]. In all cases, feeding or touching them is strictly forbidden.

3.30 p.m. approximatly, back to the harbour.
The duration of the trip can be longer if the dolphins are further than usually.

Cala Rossa Boat in the Mediterranean Sea The boat to see the dolphins Cabin and boat comfort cala rossa

Information requests
00 33 6 09 88 47 06 or 00 33 6 21 14 28 24

E.I.R.L. Cala Rossa Location
M. et Mme Frémont - 180 Avenue de l'Espéoutier - 83600 Fréjus - email: