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Swim with dolphins and whales in the Mediterranean sea

They have done it! Discover their comments

You are hard
ale ale ale this great time is always in me !!!!!!!!
It was beautiful
Good year and you have all your dolphins .....
Arnaud & Audrey Hippert

Hi Martial,
Thank you for your prayers that we are still as much fun and our tour we will send you ours.
Keep intact your love for your passion and your kindness!
Whether your business keeps booming in and enjoy good ...
David and Nadia GRISOT

Good evening,
As promised a few words of Celine and Brice to thank you for this unforgettable day ..........
Home of the phone that the boat is with great simplicity that you make us spend this day. We return to our lives with beautiful images in his head!
Again thank you to Isabelle, Alexandre and Martial, and certainly a next time!
Brice Le Clouerec

thank you
thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

Thank you
Continue to hold fine days at sea with our friends the dolphins.
To me, the day spent with you is unforgettable ... A dream come true.
So THANK YOU and may go again ...

Just a quick note to thank you for the release of September, it was really beautiful. Martial thank you for this unforgettable day. There are always unhappy, but we I can tell you that my wife has finally realized his dream of "swim with dolphins in a natural environment." We advise all our knowledge this wonderful experience. Again thank you for the gesture of goodwill, and for those beautiful memories.
Best regards.
Annie and Angel Garcin

Isabelle, Martial,
Back in Paris now, I have fond memories of our exit from September 2.
Your pleasant company and good organization will have contributed.
Bonne continuation
Best regards
Corinne Hornebecq
... I continue research on the presence at sea, dragonflies ...

Thank you
We wanted to thank you for this day's encounter with the dolphins that we have great appreciation, thank you also for your kindness, it was perfect, we had a very difficult year behind us because of the motorcycle accident in the memory and Yoann dolphins and the happiness of seeing our teenagers as happy does us good.
I'm not a good connection to send you pictures but I know you've also already, but if I can I am sending you shortly.
Furthermore, we have often heard talk of Martial a nice corner to Corsica to meet them, we plan to do this next year, could you give me the name or location, many thanks μ
Catherine, Patrick, Yoann and Ophelia

Just a few lines
to thank you for this wonderful day of 14.08.09, I realized thanks to you my dream girl.
But holidays in Juan les Pins is nearing completion and what I take from these 15 days is this magical day: mild weather, organizers super friendly and very professional which made us dream about the time of day with wild dolphins to make me forget my fear of the deep! "
I wish you full of equally memorable moments that you allowed me to live.
1000 thanks.

PS: the little bonus (tuna caught at sea during our exit) has the papillae happiness of my friends :-)
Estelle LAPORT

Hello to all I just came back from vacation myself and as it was difficult to choose the pictures in those wonderful moments spent on the water I kept everything on a blog, the same as Gwen, allowing you to view more photos easily.
Again thank you to Martial and Gwen and Isabelle to that organization, Palme d'Or awarded kindness to all, we do a max of commercials for the memory long remain etched in our hearts!
thank you and friendship to all.
Céline Deschamps

thank you very much
for my daughter Tiffany out of the August 6 very good output that \ 'dont forget it I never talk to you my friends thank you again
Pascal gossip

Thank you
Following my return from vacation I wanted to thank you for our day we spent July 16. I am thrilled d \ 'have achieved the dream of my niece, thank you for your kindness and the phone \' s Home of your husband. I n that \ 'was not a fierce dolphins, I do not regret d \' have shared this unforgettable day.
Karine Loiselle

Just a few words to thank you for the wonderful day we spent it with you July 13. Whole family (that's how they called us on the boat) is thrilled and keeps great memories. It is an extraordinary experience. And thank you to Martial and Gwen for their sympathy, kindness, professionalism and photos on blog Gwen. Not to mention Roger and his plane have very much helped in this search for dolphins, they are also responsible for this success.
I will not hesitate to give your details to people who want such an experience.
Good day and thank you again
Christine Bebronne

Hi Isabelle,
We wanted to thank you and Martial and Gwenn for this beautiful day! Everything was perfect from the organization until our return to Mandelieu.
Unforgettable day. For my part, was a childhood dream and I feel that what we experienced was beyond anything I had imagined. I send you attached some pictures. Could you send them to Gwenn? We went on his blog but did not find his e-mail.
Again thank you for everything!
Stephanie and Jean-Laurent

Madame, Monsieur,
I have finally retrieved my mail. I take this opportunity to thank you for the great day of July 1. Can not find the link to view the photos of friends. Can you please send it to me.
Another big thank you for this unforgettable day!
Denis Vincent

Thank you and thank you a thousand times to Martial and Gwen for their kindness throughout this amazing day.
Although "a bit sick" I had my eyes open and my family has even more beautiful memories in his head as they plunged.
As soon as I got my camera I'll try to do a manual (but I'm not an expert) and I'll send.
Again thank you it was fabulous
Sylvie Delenn

For Calarossa dream team! Martial isabelle and gwen!
I am writing to thank you for making me realize my dream! "
Indeed I spent a magical day, extraordinary and above what I have thought!
Your team was very well organized, there had nothing to say, as the kindness and passion for martial gwen!
again I was lucky because the weather and dolphins were well you go! I could see dolphins in their natural environment in a transparent blue sea and warm! c'etait fairy!
Thanks to you, I spent one day I'll remember all my life and I renew that possible!
Thank you again for all your professionalism and I hope to soon!

We will not forget anytime soon
A quick note to thank you for this wonderful day at sea we will not forget anytime soon. A great time with dolphins, whales that live again with pleasure.
Thank you very much!
Ingrid and Loic de Haute Savoie

Wonderful experience
I would like to express my thanks for the wonderful experience I had on 31 August.
It was an unforgettable day, all the ingredients for a warm welcome to good weather, a sea of calm, and a super team from our captain and his mate, have contributed to the success of this output unpredictable, original spectacular ... It was a succession of indescribable sensations of sailing with the dolphins that have been amazing in quantity and this wonderful ballet they are accompanying us, and when we come to see them under water with the radiation from the sun in the depths of this great blue envoutant .... Thank you all for allowing us to live the thrills of happiness in a dream aquatic environment ... I can only recommend to have this experience of a eye contact and shudder to remember.
Although you and good fishing for later
Brigitte Houdini era

In this message we wanted to again thank you for this beautiful day at sea with you passed July 23,. This day will remain forever engraved in our hearts and our heads. This was an unforgettable and magical.
Also a big thank you to Vincent for his sympathy, beautiful photos and his good knowledge in the field.
Sincerely and best regards.
Veronica and Sebastian

Wonderful day
Dear Martial
I wanted to thank you and all your team for the wonderful day I spent aboard the Cala Rosa this Saturday.
My 30-year stay with the unforgettable spectacle of nature has been kind enough to offer us, also thanks to your kindness, your availability, and the wealth of information that you gave throughout the day with Alexandre Ferrand.
My dream is realized, the pleasure was all (although I keep stinging sunburn!), And I look forward to repeating it as soon as I have time and opportunity.
I thought initially find a tourist trap as they were found too often on the Riviera, but I was quickly enthralled and reassured by your professionalism, your experience, your friendliness, and spirit to relax you know put on board.
I look forward to repeating the experience, and why not redo a bunch of friends ...
Your address is already registered and golden in my book, and I have already started saying about me all the pain I think of your benefits.
I'd say Cala Rosa Dream is not advisable, but essential for a day of relaxation, pleasure and satisfaction among the dolphins and the marine environment.

Another big thank you,
See you soon hopefully
Cedric Kliber

Just a quick note to thank you for the release of 19 July, it was really beautiful. Martial thank you for this day, I urge lovers of maritime nature to this little adventure with you, thank you again.

Oh Captain my Captain
Hello sir,
I am back in Paris, I must say that the show is not as beautiful as that of cetaceans seen in this wonderful big blue.
I bring with me a lasting memory of that day last July 12 with our friends the dolphins. Today my thoughts are with them, as if the dream was not finished.
Thank you for the BIG BLUE we have opened your stomach in order to discover your wonderful creatures.
Thank you sir to take care of her and our friends who lives there, thank you also to all occupants of the journey as I think, were filled with emotions.
Thank you to my dear wife Valerie for allowing this dream of children, and all my friends who were followed.
This beautiful, very beautiful trip I want everyone to see.

A great time
And thank you again for that magical moment that you 've allowed to live.
Bonne continuation
Armand Hamparsoumian

With thanks
Isabelle, Martial,
I must confess that I had great moments of doubts about the success of this output dolphins. But after that day, I can only thank you for your professionalism. Thanks to you, Amber, Eleanor and I spent a very full day.
With thanks, cordially,
Amber, Eleanor, Stéphane

Thanks again for the beautiful day
A little hello, to say to you and to Martial, the fun we had at that exit in the middle of the dolphins, 19 July.
If you can send me some pictures remembrance of this day, it will be nice.
Thanks again for your welcome aboard.
My friendships
Jean-François Briano

A beautiful day
We simply wanted to thank you for this wonderful day at sea Not only the crew was very nice but more than anything we have seen, it was simply magic.
And thanks to you my dream is realized. See dolphins so closely and foremost in their natural habitat and I am not ready to forget it.
Again many thanks for everything.
Friends, Famille Giroud

Release of September 2
I belonged to the output of 2 September (I was the girl with the big camera and mini palm blue army :-) and as promised, I send you some pictures of this beautiful day that I Custody of course a wonderful memory! Congratulations to Alex for the photo of the whale head under water on his blog, it is very successful!
Thanks again for this beautiful day, your friendliness and images in the mind of course!
Juliette DEBIEF

An extraordinary experience
Thanks again to you and Martial, for this day.
Maybe until next year, anyway, I will try to go to see you soon.
Mr Roth et Melle Garcia

A pure happiness!
Martial has many thanks you and your wifefor this superb Saturday at sea where everything was only happiness.
Friends had the entire team, and thanks again for everything !!!!!!!
Thierry Louis

Thank you and see you soon
Hi is Emilie de la sortie dolphin Aug. 13.
In any case I spent a great day and I will try to come back next year and maybe this time I would see a whale who knows!
Thank you and see you soon

A wonderful day
Thanks again for this wonderful day.
Johanna et Nicolas Cerdan

Thanks again for your home, it was a beautiful day thanks to you!

Thank you very much!
The photos are great.
Super souvenir for my 30 years! I really spent a memorable day!
Nathalie Ferreira

I can not fail to get good publicity!
I sincerely thank you for the joy you have provided to my nephew, BOB BARRAT at the break with the dolphins.. Sincerely
Nathalie Gibault

Before resuming the path to the job - all the good things, including holidays, to an end - I wanted to thank you sincerely for the exit "Swim with the dolphins" I savoured thanks to you last Thursday! It will remain an excellent memories ... A day in the sanctuary Pelagos, off Mandelieu to admire dolphins in their natural environment, it's a wonderful birthday present, and once experienced, it looks damn want to start over elsewhere! Thank you for your kindness, your home, your education and your professionalism. You were, both, Basically perfect! I hope that the sun will be there to meet all your outings and that the winds will be still favourable ... In explaining my presence on Mandelieu mandelinois a few people (that's what we call you, I hesitate ;-))...), Now I know that some discovered the proposal and hoped to one day swim with dolphins. I will pass on your details!

Excellent week, and who knows, maybe soon!

Thanks to all ...
First, a big thank you for this day which will remain engraved in our lifetime memory. You have téléphonés few days before leaving, I have explained my phobia of the depth of the sea and sea animals, I was agéablement surprised by the beauty of all that we had seen this Saturday, July 28.
Through Martial and Alexandre, I was able to overcome my fear and I swim in the open sea and see beautiful animals and a superb site.
My husband has lived the most beautiful day of his life, despite a good scare with the meeting of the buoy weather, but everything went well finished with a nice bandage on her head (hi, hi, hi), it was emerveillé by everything he saw and felt ecouté.
We thank you for this beautiful day and we hope to be able to really make a dolphin out next time with you.

The atmosphere on the boat was very friendly, very cool, we are well appreciated. It was very good.
Thank you once again to you to be able to give our opportunity to live our dreams and overcome my phobia. We are going to quickly connect to the blog Alexander to relive that day.
Thanks to all
Jean-louis & Dominique VINIOSA

Many thanks
Thank you so much for this wonderful and unforgettable day for us and for Alexis. It was simply super... Our photos look great! We will send you a CD next weekend. Sincerely and we wish you a good season.
The family Chapeau

I realized my Dreammmmmmmmm, M-E-R-C-I!
Martial Hi,
Below is the message I sent to all my friends to thank for this amazing day with the dolphins. Do you do go, because it is also thanks to you that childhood dream came true, and in the best conditions that are...
Many thanks to you and to the whole team with whom my brother Geoffrey has contacted for these magical moments, to me and to his girlfriend Séverine! (I am thinking of you and your lady friend on the boat ...)

See you soon,


Okay, you want me tell you what WE the ball-that-kill?
It was e-nor-me. A crazy stuff.

It was a heatwave to cook eggs on the hull of the vessel, which also tow a good 160 km / h until mid-Atlantic (we saw Florence Arthaud on a sailboard, which was crossing breasts nus). Arriving near an island paradise, it jumped into water at 35 degrees, then a coup 12,000 dolphins appeared! They played with us during 4h, fortunately we could keep apnea nearly 12 minutes, as it has been swimming by 70m background with them! They made us jump out of the water for us to make saltos, and when the sun has set, they still jumped above us while tending his arm, as on the poster of Grand Blue. Fortunately we had up ...

Uh ... Not credible, there? ... Well, okay, it was not quite like that happened ...

It all started a few months ago, when I planned a run on July 23. I obviously made by Claire resume: "But we had said we were going to see my friends in Fréjus away there!" Feeling poindre the diplomatic incident, j'annulai my race, of course, do not missing this time to note the date on my Palm ... Finally on my calendar paper, whatever. A few days ago about that, Claire sends me a complete schedule of WE, detailed hourly, I did not really have time to look at work, but for the most part it was: Jo and joining in Sév Martigues aprèm Saturday, and walk with friends Claire on a boat all day to please their three kids, a gift from their parents promised for a long time. All day? Really. This can be cool, after all. We must also take his mask? Okay, okay. I was still quite impressed with the organization of Claire, as usual, but rather provides me who go in all directions, to transform our WE in marathons. Then she m'avoue it has not evil "chatté" with Jo for organizing this weekend. Well, it suits me, I had less time for them afterwards. On weekends arrive, a WE classified "red" by bison-was not fut' ', but finally we have rolled that in order to arrive at 6:30 and Sév Jo. On the road, asking for details on Sunday at Claire, I learn that the boat will Mandelieu (Cannes, whatever). "Ben provision therefore, is not next door Martigues! I thought it was in Fréjus, they were friends ?"... And that's the tragedy: "But you are definitely unbelievable, anyway! You m'écoutes when I called you? It's been days that it is planned, and you t'étonnes at the last moment!" Ooooh there, while mild, ok, ok ... Missed a good opportunity to shut me, me...
In the evening we come to 20h in Martigues, chic restaurant. Starts then a discussion between me and Sév about dolphins, and the desire to swim with one day later ... Pure coincidence, Jo and Claire pretend to nothing, but do not think less, studded with eyes and smiles supported for witnesses. Then we go to bed, the departure is still provided for 5h in the morning. Geez, when I had not even planned to drive as far away ... Overnight morning, I wake up after 1:30 drive on the passenger seat of my 206, we arrived at 7am to Mandelieu, Claire Jo followed at the wheel which had taken over the route. Bizarre, though, it has also prepared its Sunday, he forgets everything! Then we get lost, unable to find the port. S'agace on a bit and parked in bulk, I descended Jo to give my opinion on the matter, (I still lived 3 years in the village next door, I know the corner) and ... I close the window of his car nose! "Rendors yourself, worry, I know where that is!", He said, the phone in his ear. But what head mule! And although démerde ... I eschew back in my car. Grmlgrmlgrlm .... "And he called that, first?", I demand to Claire. "Ben ... the guy port! Ah, you know, your brother when it is organized, it does not make things halfway, he informed!" She says. It is unusual, but I am not awake, and then brief, it has to find its own if it knows where it is. Finally, after another two halves-tower addition, we arrive at the port. It is almost a dead end, a trick really lost. But what this plan foireux? On parks, and Jo, launched Claire: "Well, we told them ?"... And then ... Time stops. The birthday card, the boat ahead, dolphins, all day ... Unbelievable.
We arrive at the end of the wharf, I do not believe what I heard. I am blown, calmed down, dazed. The other six passengers arrived, then we are preparing to leave, and I am still ahuri. Jo and Claire remain at the dock, and I Sév we install, greeted by Captain quite sympathetic. I do realize that half what happens when the boat moves slowly, making goodbye from hand to Jo and Claire ... And m'étreint emotion ... All this world that thought of me, we ... To enable us to realize a dream ... This small tear is soon dried when the crew already gives us guidelines for the conduct to be adopted with the dolphins. Geez! That's huge! I will swim with dolphins! And Sév and I open the floodgates to a torrent of words and incessant questions, because we know ultimately just how it will happen! We will sail on a large triangle in a marine sanctuary, a kind of protected nature reserve of several breeds of dolphins and whales, between Corsica and C ôte d'Azur. Then we jump into the water near the banks of dolphins, but do not touch them, they are wild animals ... With a little luck we can even swim with a whale if it crosses one, who knows? Hey, here is the design of the small white and blue dolphin, and the bottlenose dolphin, and their cousins here ...
Barely an hour later, the explanations have not been completed but the HOT the heat: a bench of dolphins on the horizon! It is rare to see as much and as early, says the assistant captain. Quick, positioned at the rear of the boat, and the "top" must jump. "It's very impressive to jump into the water in the open sea, so if you do not feel, take your time, there will be several occasions," says the captain. But of course, that's right, I will crack two metres from the bowl of sangria. It has not really looked him there. The heart at 350 beats per second (it's a little evil in the chest when you are not used, it's true) to the edge of the pontoon, it sails to the dolphins who jump from everywhere. To believe that they do it all day! "Attention! ... TOOOOPPP-Plouffffff !!!!" GOOD BLOOD .... there is nothing, it is full of bubbles! Y is where dolphins ????!!!! ... Gloub gloub gloub!! .... ... Okay, that's done.
... Okay, that's done.
Now we go on the boat, and the next time you jump on the side * * of the boat, not in the trail scum ... A small half-boat ride later, this time this is good: it jumps, then swim a bit at the suface, but mask to the bottom to scrutinize the slightest movement, and suddenly we see a score of dolphins move fifteen metres below, quietly ... They are all colors, brown and blue-gray-black-white, smaller than those we imagine, patchy, irregular .... Wild dolphins, true. I descended from five metres in apnea, and is a group of three dolphins came almost, I distinguished the eye of the largest, and ten metres, which looks at me, curious. I turned his head and I see three who spin to the surface in very close formation, and then fly out of the water in perfect sync, before reappearing one metre away, a dip without vague. Suddenly the bench decided to get away in a split second they burst away from us, with the stroke of a tail fin, without forcing. Even not possible to reach a little, we can measure any incompatibility between the human body and environment that is not ours, faced with the fluidity and ease of fish and other cetaceans. I brought to the surface and then on the deck, a smile embedded beneath the mask, everyone is frankly exalted. This was certainly fleeting moment, a few seconds, but these images then, I prevailed for a hundred years.
Then another group wants to play to come and see the people, then we back, we see even more dolphins, and we will move back to the front of the boat with his legs in a vacuum, while the master switch to cross once the chassis, and we are seeing one, then two and three, which come under the bow surf, a few inches from our feet! Without stirring, they swim as fast as the boat, allowing a few figures like "I show you my else passing upside above my colleague (not to reproduce at home if you are suffering from human and back, remember that these are professionals), go hop, a little salto to form a small-angle turn at 50 km / h (NO I N'EXAGERE NOT THIS TIME-CI!), and it lets you , the poor people of the area! Blowing, these accelerations ... Astronauts can return train in centrifuge! ...

"Béat", the term, I think. It has already jumped 4 or 5 times with water, and it is just 11.30. The boat then change trajectory, it is the third of the way. More dolphin on the horizon, we will take revenge on the aperitif. The heatwave enhancing pastis, it addresses a cold meal prepared by the crew, it is difficult to see any more land later. To cool off, the boat stops to finish the meal with a small bath quarter of an hour. You can not like to swim off is fantastic: the sea is deep blue, a giant swimming pool, clear, we can see very easily under water all around, but there is absolutely nothing, not a Fish is the complete vacuum, Feeling small in all this water. Sunlight draw any lines plunging responsible, in a gradient which becomes quite dark and distant, much lower, tens of metres below. It's magic, better than TV. Nothing to do with the beachfront.

Unfortunately, swept away by the joy, I had to make some runs fast and deep under water during the first jumps in the water, and I have the right eardrum, which can pressure any more ... I am now condemned to remain on the surface, the pain is unbearable when 30 cm of water. Yet I am sure not to be down more than 10 or 15 meters under water, which is less than all exits diving bottle that I could do ... M'enfin, nothing serious, anyway, it was the Dolphins who choose to come and see you or not, even crawl into Ian Thorpe would be ridiculous to try to catch up ... The boat leaves at slow speed, Captain installs cane fishing in the back. Tanning meeting, or rather cramage, therefore pasting operation. Index 30, beurk, I hate cream. Soon another boat we close at high speeds, cutting our lines Propeller strike! Furax, Captain demands an explanation to pirate since its CB, but this empaffé away without further comment. Surely a moron who believes owning a private fishing zone ... Can we take a small tuna while blue 4 kilos, whose iridescent scales shine flower surface ... And that will eventually get rid of the hook one metre of boat. Phew, I had no real desire to see a fish die there.
Four hours later, watery plain dull. Not a troquet, not a scooter, not a dolphin. We are beginning to return ... I am almost disappointed, but delighted: it was still fabulous in the morning ... But this is only an hour to arrive at the port, a new school of dolphins arises! Nearly thirty, or forty dolphins! And even a dauphineau, there with her mother! We jumped into the water, but they must be dolphin business, dolphins hurry. Barely time to see the bench filer responsible, they have disappeared. It then goes back on the boat, and we go to four or five surfers for a meeting under the bow, and even in the small wave formed by the path of the boat, at the back, they have fun as eggs to fall over! Then we go eventually, images full head and full camera (good, y'a misfired, I think the only marine animal that I managed to fit a purple jellyfish ... unless this is a pig purple?) Returning to port, we are going to get free gazoil, oh, just 400 litres, a trifle. Arrive a policeman on a jetski, enfarinée mouth, surely doing a peak speed to impress the gallery, who misses his turn and struck the vessel in the rear. The captain is attéré, fingers on their eyes closed he does a coward "will see everything ...", preferring to ignore the imbecile who is confused in his apology and scratches on the body. Me, Me, j'm'en mad, I swam with dolphins, nothing can happen.

We finally back on terra firma, are jumping into the arms of partner and companion, and already we are bottomless. It's late, we must return to the road, but the ground still pitching. It tanguera elsewhere until tomorrow evening, as a rather strange sensation, Nasa mouth too, and a little disturbing, as if the dream would not be finished ...

This day I could not guess, (mainly to two months of my birthday) and I do not always. Some unforgettable moments, a dream awake, dolphins as I always wanted to see them: at home, at large, wild, not tame water in a zoo at the cost of death and suffering of many of them . No, I could not have better organize my dream, this was the way that I wanted to achieve, and not otherwise.

So thank you, thank you for that Geoffrey idea (when I tell you that it is the ball, my brother), thanks to all of you for this impeccable organization, my thanks to you for Claire these lies for the Good question, thank you for your small words that touched me, if not moved. I love you all very much and I hope one day you can also realize some of your dreams, you recall those who have been lucky enough to live this life, with this family then, with these friends there ...

... Thanks

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