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Any questions about our day trips ? Perhaps one of our question and answer FAQ's responds to your request. Otherwise, contact us by e-mail or phone, and we will be happy to help you.

Can we touch the dolphins?

No, because they are wild animals in their natural habitat. In general, they approach swimmers at a distance that can vary between 2 and 10 meters.

Are Dolphins disturbed by our activity?

No, because they choose if they want to come to us by curiosity and they go away when they want.

Is there any danger to practice this activity?

No there is no dangers, swimmers wears wet-suits (shorty) ensuring their flotability. They are also supervised by professionals.

Is there any danger coming from the cetaceans?

No there are no dangers : we especially swim with Stenella's dolphins (blue and white ones): accidents never happens with this spieces of dolphins.

Is it possible to accompany a participant?

The number of persons is limited on the boat, so each person who spends the day aboard pays the same rate (280 euros) because he/she uses a place on the boat.

Is it possible to see dolphins also staying aboard ?

Yes it is: dolphins comes to play with the waves at the bow of the boat, so we can see them very well staying on the boat.

What happens if the day is cancelled because of bad weather?

If its possible for you, we delay the trip, otherwise we will refund you the amount already paid.

What is the minimum age to participate ?

Children are welcomed aboard from approximatly 7. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

What are the skills required for this activity?

To be able to swim correctly, to be at ease in the water and to be in perfect physical's conditions.

Is there a better period to do a trip ?

Our day trips are planed between the begining of May and the begining of September because it is the best period, but the watchings are a little differents depending on the month (also if it can be different each year) : All the photos of our facebook’s page and the comments of our clients on our Facebook’s page and Tripadvisor’s page can convice you that all the trips gives a lot of satisfaction, every day of the season.

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